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Throughout the last decade, we have built various customized e · Solutions for our satisfied corporate clients. Highlighted here are four of our case studies for your e · Reference.

A Big Thank you to everyone who we are partnering and servicing. You have helped us grow and we hope to help you grow even more!

Suria KLCC e · Directory, e · Newsletter & e · ATC

An easier way to manage retailer, promotion and events information on the website.
Enhanced interaction between management and 450 retailers.
Providing an e-learning platform for assessement training centre.
Providing an email broadcast system with built-in email template to allow HR & Marketing to send out e-newsletter in monthly basis.

Ewands Portfolio: Suria KLCC - e-Directory, e-Direct marketing, e-Accessement Training Centre

The Binjai On The Park e · Concierge

Enhanced interaction between management and tenants for services and information management.
Making facilities booking and event organizing more convenient for everyone.
Tracking and managing concierge performance to increase reliability of services provided.
Online operations support for defect management and maintenance solutions.

Ewands Portfolio: The Binjai On the Park - e-Concierge

Armajaro e · Coklat

Regional cocoa control across 3 countries.
Cocoa transaction tracking from farmer, warehouse, headquarters and to customers.
Sales contract and stock value projections.
Shipping instruction and bill of lading for all accounting purposes.
Bean grade quality control and evaporation for processing controls.

Ewands Portfolio: Armajaro E-Coklat

Joey Yap e · Store

Selling and marketing of online merchandising including e-books & webinars.
Bundling multiple products into a package for customer purchasing.
Inventory control for all products and events.
Promotional support for different marketing and customer needs.
Personalized sales key performance indicator dashboard for profit and loss.

Ewands Portfolio: Joey Yap e-Store



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